Carbon Filter Complete Kit 120mm

89.99 Inc. VAT

Activated mini carbon filter kit 120mm for grow rooms, grow systems, grow tents and pc grow boxes.

Our compact activated carbon filter is perfect for your small grow room.

If you have a small grow space then the big filters that exist currently in the market, are not for you. Activated carbon filter systems take a lot of space in your grow room, but we are here to change it with our compact Carbon Filter Complete Kit. Our odor control system is exactly what you are going to need to stop unwanted odors. It is designed for small grow tents, compact grow rooms, PC grow boxes, and mini grow systems. 

How the carbon filter works?

The 3D printed activated carbon filter in this system eliminates odors and purifies the air that comes into contact. The filter is filled with active carbon pellets, which connects to the 120mm powerful fan that removes particles and odors from the inside of the grow room. 

The kit is a high-performance system and has a compact design to perform effectively in smaller spaces. Our Carbon Filter Complete Kit is refillable, so you can easily empty it and refill it with carbon pellets when needed.

What Does The Carbon filter kit Include?

The kit is designed to provide a stress-free experience to all users. For this reason, this is a complete kit to purify the air and absorb unwanted odors. The kit includes the following :

  • A 3D printed activated carbon filter – it is a promising filter that’s designed to trap unwanted odors. 
  • 120 mm powerful fan – It produces high airflow. In addition, it helps maintain the humidity level and temperature to ensure your plants growth.
  • Speed/Noise Control.
  • 12V DC EU/UK Plug – It comes with an EU or UK plug.

Additional Information 

Our Carbon Filter Complete Kit is a compact system that only measures 12 x 12 x 12 cm and weighs around 0.5kg, which makes it easy to install it to your grow room. It is designed to be the perfect addition to your grow system, small grow room, grow tent or  grow box. 


What is the purpose of a carbon filter?

A carbon filter helps eliminate odors in the air through activated carbon. 

Does it come with an EU or UK plug?

This is your decision. Just let us know if you need an EU or UK plug during checkout.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm