Automated Grow tent kit

599.99 Inc. VAT

Best small grow tent kit available in the market! This grow tent setup will help you raise your plants easier than ever!


Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 140 cm


Automated Grow Tent Complete kit

1-4 plants grow tent setup

This automated small grow tent bundle comes complete and it provides the best equipment and automations available.

Bigger dimensions than our stealth boxes and more space to grow up to 4 plants in every grow cycle.

This Smart Grow tent is our new addition in our indoor garden catalogue.

Get one of the best grow tent kits in UK & Europe!


Grow tents small full kits

What our grow tent setup includes?

  • Full Spectrum Samsung Quantum Led Grow Light 1000 With Dimmer
  • Fan with light-trap to bring fresh air in.
  • Check Temps/Humidity via Mobile App
  • Scrog net
  • EU or UK plug
  • 60x60x140cm


This small grow tent come with UK or EU plug and will do most of the job for you!

Just set up the grow tent and install our complete smart grow kit in a few minutes!

Comes complete with everything you need to automate your small grow room. You can grow everything you need in this complete grow tent kit (Plants, vegetables, herbs). It’s easy to use and with the automations provided there is little space for mistakes. This complete grow tent kit will help you grow your favorite herbs and get the best yields possible. Setting up the tent is easy and installing our equipment is even easier and everybody can do it. Place your grow tent at any room of your home and just relax. Our automated grow tent kit will do most of the work and you will enjoy the outcome.