Essential tools for indoor gardening

Essential tools for indoor gardening
Essential tools for indoor gardening
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Gardening inside residences, buildings, conservatories and greenhouses is considered indoor gardening. Most indoor gardening is carried out in small, compact pots and containers. Having and using the appropriate tools is crucial for carrying out this type of gardening.

The specific indoor gardening tools required will depend on the type and size of plants in your garden, but all indoor garden tools should be compact and easy to store in smaller spaces. There are several must-have tools for any indoor gardener.

Watering Can

Indoor gardens have smaller plants that are grown in compact pots and containers. Different plants have different, very specific watering requirements. It is impractical and untidy to water an indoor garden with a large garden hose.

The perfect tool for this purpose is a small watering can. A small watering can will control the flow of water in an efficient manner.

An ideal indoor watering can should be made of transparent plastic, with measurement indicators. The see-through material and measurements enable better control of the amount of water, and the plastic material will not stain when the can is stored.

Plant Stands and Pot Bases

Plant stands and pot bases are essential requirements for an indoor garden. Pots placed directly on surfaces like side tables or windows can stain the surface due to water run-off. Soil also tends to escape from the base of the pot and cause messy stains and run-offs.

A pot base overcomes this problem by accumulating run-off water and soil.

The base can be emptied and cleaned periodically, ensuring a clean and tidy interior. The added benefit is that the plants can absorb water and nutrients accumulated in the pot base over a longer period of time.


Indoor plants like shrubs and flowering plants need to be pruned on a regular basis so that their growth is suited for the pot. Also, when the plants are infected with pests, or if some parts of the plant are dead, it is necessary to prune out affected areas. Pruners are essential for this task.

Other Essential ToolsEssential tools for indoor gardening

Shovels, trowels, pitchforks, spades and shears are essential for moving and cleaning the soil around plants.

For an indoor garden, these tools are available in smaller sizes to fit into the smaller containers and navigate around the tight spaces and smaller plants. They are also available in plastic. Metal tools tend to rust because of being worked in wet conditions, and leave stains when they are stored. Plastic tools can be cleaned easily and do not stain when stored.

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